Frequently Asked Lance Camper Questions

Is my Lance Camper manufactured in USA?

Yes all Lance Campers are manufactured in USA, then shipped to Australia for sale. The Lance Camper brand, quality and comfort you have grown to know remains as all our campers are wholly created in the USA.

How long will my slide on camper take to arrive in Australia?

From the point of receiving your deposit, your camper will be available for collection about 8 to 10 weeks after ordering.

Where is Truck Camper Sales Australia located?

We are located in Sydney. In a semi-rural suburb called Middle Dural about 45 minutes from the Sydney C.B.D near Castle Hill. Our address is 10 O’haras Creek Rd Middle Dural 2158. Drop in and have a tour of our camper range.

What type of vehicle do I need to carry a Lance Camper on?

There are many different types of Lance Camper Sizes. Click on the following link to check out what vehicles are recommended to carry each camper. Feel free to call one of our friendly staff who will be able to give you the right advice on the correct vehicle that could be used.

Does the Lance Camper require to be registered?

No, the Lance Camper slides onto the back of a ute vehicle and therefore is not required to be registered independently.

Can you Tow with a Lance Slide on Camper fitted to the vehicle?

Yes, At LCA we can help set up your vehicle with a Tow extension which allows you to still Tow your boat or Horse Float etc behind your truck and Camper.

Is it hard to load the camper on and off of the vehicle?

No, it is very easy. The slide on campers are fitted with electric legs which allows the camper to be raised and lowered with a touch of the button. You simply raise the camper, back the vehicle under the camper into position and lower the camper again. The camper gets fixed to the vehicle by 4 over centre locks and you are ready to go travelling.

How to I contact Truck Camper Sales?

We have a range of contact methods here at Truck Camper Sales.

The first and easiest is email: info@truckcampersales.com.au 

The old school and trusted method phone: (02) 9652 2896 and anytime on 0418 445 635

Social Media private or public messaging or posts. For those out on camping grounds with limited access to email and phone: Facebook search ‘Lance Campers Australia’

Where can I get a vehicle with the suitable pay load to carry my Lance Camper?

We recommend Trucks N Toys Dodge Ram Conversions Australia www.trucksntoys.com.au for mirror image Dodge Ram Conversions

Do you have Fact Sheets showing all the specifications and info for the various Lance Slide on Camper models?

Yes, At Truck Camper Sales we have facts sheets for our entire slide on camper range. Simply email us at info@truckcampersales.com.au and we will send you one out.

How easy is it to load or unload a camper with the jacks?

The standard four ball-screw jacks at each corner of the camper are operated individually with an easy-to-operate hand crank. To remove the camper, remove the tie-downs, disengage the safety latch on each jack and the jacks easily extend to the ground without cranking. A few turns of the crank and the camper is standing on the jacks, off the bed of the truck. Just drive out from under the camper and crank the camper down to the ground. The jacks are designed to hold the camper without any additional support. Loading is done by reversing the procedure. The two provided jack handles allows for two people to accomplish loading and unloading quicker. The optional electric jacks are operated with a remote control similar to a TV remote. Jacks can be raised or lowered individually or all at once with the push of a button. They are quick, convenient and reliable.

We’re considering a truck camper but need to know if any model can sleep two adults and four children (ages six to 15)?

Most of our campers have the ability to sleep five or possibly six. If you were to sleep three people (two adults and possibly a small child) in the cabover you can have two sleep at the dinette bed and one more in the dinette overhead bunk bed. We’ve heard of some customers using the cab of the truck to sleep extra people if needed (they leave the pass through window into the cab of the truck open so some heat/air will get into the truck). An optional fold-down back tent compartment in the Lance models 1191 (pre 2015) can provide significantly more room for enclosed outdoor dining or sleeping.

How is the roof constructed and can you walk on it?

The roofs on all Lance campers are constructed to the highest standard. They are foam filled and completely laminated for strength and maximum protection from weather. The roof covering material is a single piece of marine grade thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). It’s a long-life material that has excellent insulation qualities, resists cutting, easy to clean, does not streak or bleed color, is less slippery when wet, resists hail damage and overall an excellent premium roof material. You can walk on any Lance roof without the fear of damage. And our exclusive rack system in conjunction with optional rack systems allows for carrying equipment as large as kayaks on the roof.

Can you explain the difference between a frame-mount and a bed-mount method for securing the camper?

“Frame-mounts” include bars bolted to the truck frame extending out past the truck bed. The camper is attached to this bar with a chain and turnbuckle. “Bed-mount” anchors have a steel plate between the cab and the bed of the truck. The front turnbuckles are spring loaded for shock absorption. The rear-mount attaches to the rear bumper of the truck with turnbuckles that mount to the eyebolts of the camper. This bed-mounted system is made by Happijac and is the only system we recommend.

Why buy a truck camper instead of a motorhome?

Truck campers range in price depending on the size, equipment and quality of construction. Because there’s no chassis or vehicle to purchase, the initial cost is far less than a motorhome. Many truck campers have the same equipment you would find in a moderately priced motorhome. The major difference is space.

Is it true that owning a truck camper is less than a motorized RV?

Insurance costs vary widely from state to state, however, in most cases; truck camper insurance is far less than a motorised product and somewhat less than a travel trailer. With the pick-up truck already insured, a rider is all that’s usually needed to cover the value of the camper. Because the camper is considered cargo rather than a vehicle, most states don’t require an annual license for a slide-in camper. This can be a significant savings over the life of the camper.

What about storing my truck camper?

You can possibly find space to store your camper at home. The size of the units and ability to sit up on the jacks provides greater storage options than other RV options.

I have to tow my boat or motorcycles. Can I do that with a truck camper?

If you have a boat, trailer with personal watercraft, horse trailer, snowmobiles or anything else you wish to tow there’s no RV better than a truck and camper to tow with. Factor in the four-wheel drive capabilities of a truck and you can go places you would never dream of reaching with any other type of RV – Some trucks have a towing capacity of up to 12,000 pounds!

Is setting up easy with a truck camper?

With our wireless remote control camper jacks, you can unload your camper, and set up camp in just a couple of minutes. Then you’re free to take your truck to town, head out for some sightseeing or launch your boat. Lance is the ultimate SUV and the most versatile RV on the planet.

What about fuel economy with a truck camper?

A truck and camper typically gets better fuel mileage than a larger, heavier motorhome, and newer trucks get much better fuel economy when used for transportation without the camper – In fact, in less than 7 to 10 minutes!

How does it feel driving a truck with a camper?

When you drive a truck with a camper it’s not much different than driving just a truck. Many people would feel more comfortable driving a truck and camper than being behind the wheel of a large motorhome. When considering a camper, if you already have invested in a truck, you are halfway to owning an RV! And when it’s time to sell the truck, you can do it without having to sell your Lance camper, which is built to last the life of several trucks.

Why should I buy a Lance product?

Lance Camper products are built with nearly 50 years years of experience by RV technicians in one of the industry’s most modern manufacturing facility. Automated machinery insures every camper is built to precision tolerances with superb craftsmanship, easily seen when entering the camper. Check out the entire website or read our brochures for in-depth coverage on how we build our campers and trailers.

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