Vehicle Options

 There are  a range of vehicle options available to suit SLIDE ON CAMPERS

The below images are just some of the options available.

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With so many manufacturers in the market both slide on camper and vehicle, it is sometimes hard to decide which camper goes safely with which vehicle. At Truck Camper Sales we have gone to the effort of testing many vehicle options with our US built Lance Campers.

These slide on campers are second to none with regard to quality so thats why it is important that your vehicle also stands up to the test of quality. A quality slide on camper with a quality vehicle is what you need when embarking on the tough Australian countryside.

Our slide on campers are able to be fitted to a range of vehicles. Dependant upon which tray option (short or long) you decide, we can assist you in choosing a quality cost effective vehicle for your Australian slide on camper.

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